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When we think of forwards who make hard plays at the net, we tend to think of large and tough men.

Dan Maloney, Gary Dornhoefer and Craig Simpson back in the day. Tomas Holmstrom, Milan Lucic and Gary Roberts more recently. And, on the Oilers now, Alex Chiasson, James Neal and Zack Kassian.

But the the Edmonton Oilers forward who made more hard plays at the net, more gritty plays on Grade A scoring chances, than anyone else in 2019-20 was 5-feet, 8-inch, 158-pounds Kailer Yamamoto.

By hard plays at the net, I mean tipped shots, screens of the goalie, jam shots in the crease area, and hard charges at the net that draw defenders, with each play a major contribution to a Grade A scoring chance or goal. Bruce McCurdy and I do video review of all scoring chances for and against the Oilers at The Cult of Hockey and break down the contributions into various categories, including screens, jams, hard charges and tips.