Keith Gerein: Edmonton’s football team needs a new name. The only question is why it’s taken so long?

The new design helmet sits on the sidelines during the Edmonton Eskimos

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“The fact that there was no consensus means change the name,” Qaqqaq wrote to the team on Twitter recently, adding that those handling the organization’s review have oddly not yet found time to talk to her.

Or, in other words, the fact that only some people find it racist is probably not a justification to keep going with it.

Furthermore, even if it’s not universally loathed, the name is still unquestionably outdated. Not all history is worth celebrating. If it’s really still a term of reverence, why is a football field the only place it’s been widely used in Canada since the 1970s?

We’ll see what the club says in the next few weeks but my hope is that executives are already planning a process for rebranding the squad. Perhaps they can think of it as marketing opportunity to get fans to buy a whole bunch of new jerseys, hats and toques.

Pick a name like Eddies, Energy or Express and you can even keep the logo. Find a three syllable name, and you won’t have to much alter the fight song — a song that deserves to be sung with a name worthy of the civic pride it espouses.

And remember, whatever it is, it can’t possibly be worse than Roughriders.

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