“High level chaos” if Edmonton Oilers were to get Alexis Lafreniere pick, CBS sports says


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This in from Pete Blackburn of CBS Sports, his classification of the amount of chaos that will come if various teams win the Alexis Lafreniere lottery pick, with the Edmonton Oilers ranked along with Pittsburgh and Toronto at the highest level of chaos.

Said Blackburn of the Oilers: “Not long ago, the Oilers were fearsome perennial threats — not on the ice, but in the lottery. They famously won three straight lotteries and had the top overall pick four times in six years from 2010-2015. That final lottery win helped them land Connor McDavid, who is arguably the best player in hockey now. Despite that incredible luck with the ping pong balls, the Oilers are still waiting to turn the corner. They were second in the Pacific before the shutdown, so they could be picking up some momentum. If the balls bounce their way and they luck into the top overall selection once again this year, it will be a hilarious twist that solidifies their status as LEGENDARY lottery contestants. Plus, placing Lafreniere on the wing beside McDavid or Leon Draisaitl? That’s exactly the kind of secondary support the Oilers are desperate for.”

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