Edmonton Street Performers Festival brings silly to the screen with new on-line format

Shelley Switzer, Artistic Producer for the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, prepares for a virtual online festival this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Larry Wong/Postmedia)

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Though the festival officially ends on July 12, Switzer says she’ll continue posting workshops, and other content, as long as it keeps being produced.

In the past, on a sunny day, some 25,000 Edmontonians have visited the Street Performers Festival, which spent the last couple of years in Old Strathcona as Churchill Square underwent renovations. This year, they were scheduled to be back downtown, and next year — who knows?

“Nobody knows anything,” says Switzer, ever the realist.

Though the festival is running on 40 per cent of last year’s budget, Switzer remains grateful for the three levels of government and other sponsors who came through during a tough time, making it possible to pay artists for their work. Come fall, she’ll apply for funding for next year’s festival, but the future remains uncertain.

“Let’s focus on making people happy and active, and finding a bit of silly through Street Fest this year, and as soon as we know something, we’ll be sure and share it with everyone else.”


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