PM has lost moral and political grounds to continue governance: NC

PM has lost moral and political grounds to continue governance: NC

KATHMANDU: The main opposition party Nepali Congress has strongly condemned Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s recent statements.

Hinting at PM Oli’s recent claim to ‘Real Ayodhya’, the main opposition party has said that the Prime Minister has lost his credibility to rule the country if the recent comments made by him do not represent the view of ruling party or the government.

Issuing a statement today, party Spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma said that it the the Nepali Congress’ duty to hold the PM accountable for his recent statements. “It is unfortunate that during such grim times, the Prime Minister’s responsibilities stand at one corner while his actions stand at the other.

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The Nepali Congress said it strongly disagrees with the Prime Minister’s recent statements and behaviour.

The NC elaborated that the Prime Minister’s unilateral actions are not reflective of the constitution, nor do they respect public-sensitivities. Congress has further demanded that the ruling party clarify whether the PM’s expressions represent the views of the government and the party.

“The Prime Minister’s deed of making a controversial comment on Ayodhya instead of initiating serious diplomatic approach to claim the territories depicted in the new political map proves how lightly he has taken the whole situation. In addition, he has exhibited insensitive behavior on a sensitive subject with his ill-timed immature comment,” the NC said.

Congress also questioned the PM’s laid-back attitude towards the natural disasters and coronavirus pandemic that have claimed lives of many.

It threw the ball on NCP’s court stating that it is up to the NCP (NCP) to check the Prime Minister’s behaviour, expressions or the Prime Minister itself, adding that an institutional clearance on this matter has become a compulsion at this conjencture.

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