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Second farmer dies in shooting accident

Second farmer dies in shooting accident

Niël Terblanché

CONDOLENCES have started to pour in from all over Namibia and beyond after the death of the 49-year-old Günter Schwalm on his farm Omalanga Gross Ottlau near Otavi was announced on Tuesday morning.


Schwalm, who owned Omalanga Safaris, was a well known professional hunter. He also played a significant role in establishing the Namibian charcoal industry over the years


His lifeless body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head on Tuesday morning. It is believed that he went walking on his farm on Monday morning and that he accidentally shot himself when he fell after stepping in a hole.


ACCIDENTAL DEATHS: Günter Schwalm and Dr. Jan Woest, two Namibian farmers who died as a result of shooting accidents on their farms in the past week.


Schwalm is survived by his wife and two children and is the second farmer who died as a result of a shooting accident in Namibia over the past week.


The first incident involved Dr. Jan Woest, a well known church minister and farmer, who passed on in the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek on 29 April.


Two days before his death Dr. Woest was critically wounded on his farm to the south of Rehoboth when his hunting rifle went off while he was stowing the firearm in his vehicle.