Zambia : There is no evidence of ritual killings in Zambia

Zambia Police Deputy Inspector General for Operations Bonny Kapeso has said there are no ritual killings happening on the Copperbelt and in Lusaka or anywhere else in the country.

He said no report of ritual killing where body parts have been removed for ritual purposes has been reported to the police anywhere in the country since the gassing of houses were first reported in Chingola.

Mr Kapeso said from the bodies picked so far as a result of murders, none had a body party removed for any purposes.

The Deputy Inspector General also reiterated the call on members of the Public not to take the law in their own hands as police are working towards bringing to an end the gassing of houses and other facilities in the country.

Mr Kapeso has described as childish the burning of Police stations and attacks on Police Officers deployed to quell riots that have broken out in some parts of the country.

He said the Police are equally concerned with the spate of gassing currently going on but emphasized that attacking the Police officers will not help address the situation.

And Mr Kapeso says disclosing the chemical criminals are using to gas people is dependent on medical personnel concluding investigations on the chemicals submitted to them so far.

He said Police are not medical professionals to disclose the chemical that people are using to gas houses.

Mr Kapeso advised that whenever a person is gassed, they should immediately rush to the Hospital as Police are waiting on medical authorities to give guidance on the chemicals under investigations.

Appearing on the Hot FM Breakfast show today, Mr Kapeso said the chemicals are under investigation by medical personnel and results will soon be made known to the public.

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